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Milliz on MySpace – Erin passed me this link after I mentioned I like Colbie Caillat. Not bad.. for local dudes 🙂

Local billboard hero – another local dude .. being a hero! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

My office is quite happening, with so many girls receiving bouquets of flowers on Valentine’s day. Evidently, I had my share of cupcakes and jigsaw puzzles this Valentines. A simple dinner at the Jon-sanctioned Noodlestation was great.. el fresco in the moonlight beside a lamp post (literally).

It is weird how I talk a bit more about “girls” with other guys recently. I have dropped that topic off my list for years! Oh well, I guess I’ll talk a bit more about it here too 😛

Sorry, you poor souls will now have to live with this (just as I have lived with some of yours -vomits-) .. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!