So my holiday has ended 😦

I missed the food.. Chinese, western, everything! The weirdest thing I ate this year was seahorses. Yes, how in the world do we eat seahorses? They have sharp little spikes on their skin which.. don’t go down too well. I Googled, Wiki-ed, but got no answers. Bleugh..


At least the holidays ended with a bang on Tuesday! I played badminton in the morning, Black Jack in the noon, logged (a type of jogging) in the evening, futsal at night, and yamcha-ed at midnight. The best part is I had fun in every one of those activities with different friends 😀 Woke up with a sore body the next day tho.. and getting myself to work was beyond difficult.

I have been re-downloading many old songs, which I deleted from my PC at one point. I used to have a DELETE EVERYTHING mentality. But now I guess I’ve learned to treasure that part of my past.

The songs which really bring back the most memories and emotions are the ones I don’t hear anymore.. mainly Chinese songs. Emo Chinese songs always get me – no matter how my musical tastes evolve.

Best newcomer: Colbie Caillat with her album Coco

My movie, music, and even game tastes has evolved enormously caused by various factors. Sometimes it affects me that I lost the ability to enjoy what I used to. But I guess that’s life. There’s plenty more where that came from!

Recent favourite movie : Stardust. Watched it at Tim Goh’s house for our TRU special thingy and I think everyone loved that show. Oh yeah, we had a splendid time there too 🙂