Never have I planned out the whole week’s meals so.. enthusiastically. It was bad enough before CNY having my fill with Maju2’s nasi gorengs and Victory/Arab Street’s murtabaks. Now I have relatives practically stuffing me with more food.

For CNY eve, I was at my uncle’s place in USJ18 for dinner straight after rushing from my mad work. Home cooked food is always the best food.. right after free food. In this case, it was the combination of both of the best-est food XD

For the 1st day of CNY, I had high-tea at the Legend hotel’s Di-Atas Brasserie in the heart of town. The food looked pretty normal and the RM45 per head price seem rather unjustified.

But I changed my mind as soon as I sunk my teeth into the food. The food was top quality.. especially the desserts. Amongst my favourite foods are the fruit tarts and tempura nuggets. The service there deserves a notable mention as well.

Today we continued our long standing tradition of going back to Kuala Sawah for the 2nd day of CNY. It was good to meet up with relatives I known all my life, yet again I face the same problem of recalling their names. There are just too many of them, and there are new additions to the family all the time!

As usual, we savages raided their supply of CNY snacks and I must say we finished a good portion of them! Gotta love those snacks.. too expensive and commercialized in town; but the ones we had at our relatives’ place were home made and simply lip smacking good!

Also found some time to read a big chuck of my sister’s Tuesdays with Morrie book.

I discovered that one thing I am really enjoy this CNY is the abundance of time. Navin’s “Do you have time for yourself?” question a few weeks back made me realize how little time I am spending with myself as compared to before.

That’s a stark contrast to the old me. I used to have time for everything.. and more. I guess that why a big part of me changed so much after starting work. The lack of time changes habits, emotions, and most of all, perspectives. Jon’s “cometh the rat” post reflects some of this change.

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. Some accept the change as part of growing up and call it “maturity”. Some reject it and do their utmost to fight the change. I even used to call it “selling my soul”.

I think at the end of the day we’ll be fine as long as we can justify our time spent, and bring balance to the force not trying to be too much of a hero either way.

Easier said than done, eh? No need to think so much, time for more Drizzt šŸ˜€