Here are some movies I watched recently..

I AM LEGEND a.k.a. I am Will Smith a.k.a. Ayam Legenda

A great movie showcasing the sublime talents of a certain Will Smith. It is better if you didn’t know much about the story before watching it. It sort of a mix of Castaway and Resident Evil. Not everyone will enjoy this movie but it’s certainly a hit for most, including myself.


Oops! That’s the French poster. Definitely not my idea to watch this movie 😛 but I guess you can say it is a decent Disney movie which appeals to females/children more than the likes of myself. I am just not happy about the values they try to sell, i.e.: a steady 5 year couple breaking up over a whim or two….


Another movie I didn’t know anything about, until JW gave me a surprise call to watch it on Saturday morning. Again, it is not a movie you should know much about before watching it. Also it will not be enjoyed by everyone but excellent in my books. It’s kind of a mashup between Godzilla and The Blair Witch Project. Totally awesome. Odette Yustman.. mmmmm…

But the movie which inspired this long due post, which touched my heart last night is the year 2003’s One Piece’s 4th movie : Dead End Adventure. A good way to be introduced into the One Piece universe, this movie absolutely blows away the previous 3 mediocre movies. It also inspired me to watch more One Piece anime, after being stuck at chapter #143 and getting sick of fillers. Btw, the latest is #342..

It is just too bad it doesn’t show case much of the other crew members’ talents. Well you couldn’t ask for too much from just a movie right? Time to go on to #144 …

Skypiea here we come!