Just finished watching this fantastic series. It is up there amongst my fav anime. It is a real pity the next conclusive episode will only be released in July T_T Hope I won’t forget it!

The team – Huang, Yin, Hei and Mao. I will miss each one of them ><

I know I posted the vid before, but here’s the high quality one – http://www.veoh.com/videos/v621998SStNm7kN
That is the beautiful song which made everyone love Yin.
Its name is Tsukiakari (Moonlight) by Rie Fu

Misaki and gang – Public Security Bureau Foreign Affairs Section 4

November11 and the rest of Mi6 trying to be yao yeng

WeiZhijun – also trying to be yao yeng

The most yao yeng is still this girl.. Mai.. I love her power.
Think incinerate, spontaneous combustion.. sugoooi