He used say we are not like everyone else. We used to do things with a perspective that we were better than everyone else. And it worked. We were flying above everyone else and it felt great.

In the end, we had did not really achieve as well as we would’ve liked, but I am pretty darned sure we had a lot more fun than everyone else.

He is extremely successful now. I really miss living the high life with that bugger. I wonder if I’d ever come close to half of what he has now. But I guess our differences are made apparent in these terms, by different benchmarks.

I have met a few people like him, and they are all better than the average bears. Sometimes I ask myself if I should change the way I do things. If I should impose myself a lot more.

But I think that’s just not me. Maybe I’d fall flat on my face even if I tried. But you’ll never know. No change so far, no regrets so far 🙂

He still owes me 50 cents.