Although I tried hard not to go there, I think I have what I call the “Samsonite mentality”. No I don’t mean the luggages, but more of the Biblical character Samson.

After his downfall, he did a “300” Sparta style kamikaze attack to bring as many Philistines down with him as possible. He killed more enemies as he died than when he lived.

Then I realized.. God doesn’t need me to do all that. He could easily taken care of it some other way. Service is not about what I can do for Him. In a nutshell, service is a mainly a result of faith and we are blessed as we do it.

On a separate note, my mom said FBC Subang will be moving to Pantai for a while some time after CNY. They are looking for another church more  geographically accessible to go to for that time. They might just come to my church in the meantime. It just feels so weird..