TV personalities to tie the knot on Dec 21

That’s the most viewed article on today. There used to be a whole group of us who loved her.

Contractor bitten by dog – where it hurts most

Klang ppl like that one la 😛

Ever since Willy convinced me to try Ayam Goreng McD, there is no turning back. I am sorry, KFC.

The first season of Heroes was a bit too draggy for many ppl’s liking, including mine. A little less conversation, a little more action please. It started off great, but the story just went a bit kooky halfway through it. Nonetheless I managed to complete the season and find a little closure.

The second season started off in a similar vein and I lost all interest halfway. Not until I was bored and got myself to watch it to kill time did I get hooked onto it again. After a few boring chapters, the story begins to fall into place, and the way they use their powers are just COOL!

Most ppl on the net prefer the 1st season though. The Writers Guild did cut short the full run of the story. Oh well, I like it as it is. Less talk, more action! Distracts us from the gaping holes in logic of the storyline. Season break now. Aih T_T

a little hard to see, but I like the hellish effect made by the reflection of the fires burning in his glasses


a stitch in time killed more than nine


*jeng jeng jeng!* whatever happened to caitlyn?


a chip off the old block? I love his powers most


peter getting a nice haircut from a even nicer ellen 😛

“I’m back”

Meanwhile : South Park Heroes!