Played a friendly match of futsal against BanLee, Justin and friends this afternoon at the new place – HTO de Futsal. It’s a new place just opened around Raya and it has 8 blue mat courts. Everything is new and shiny 😀

I think I played well today. I drew first blood with another super screamer *bangga* but the rest of my shooting isn’t the best. Will need to work on my concentration and composure, but it is hard not being able to practice. I can only show flashes of my ability.

We weren’t great today against good players but somehow managed to nick it. Again we showed that the team is more than just a sum of its parts. I am pleased how much we progress as a team, with different players, after so many years.


I miss playing what Willy calls “tournament mode”. The last time I played with my own team, we were excellent. But when playing with other guys, like for the Axon games, I can’t help feeling a deep sense of frustration with the team.

My strengths are wasted on a team which hardly know each other’s games. Oh well, I guess I was too serious, but it was hard not to be when everyone else around me is. It is what we make out of whatever we have anyway.


Playing too much “exhibition mode” is not good. Takes the edge out of my game, especially with my type of game. I think a good balance is required. Well I did enjoy doing insane things i thought I could only do in dreams 😉

MARK!!! I want that PS2 ><