Ah.. a blank canvas. An empty space. Freedom to roam. Devoid of anyone, akin to a desert.

Everyone wants something fresh. Once they find it, they’d want more. Then a little bit more again. Some might get addicted, almost bathing themselves in it.

After some time, it’ll get stale. Same old, same old. They will discover something fresh again, and forget about the stale. Thrown away and put to the back of the head, until they need it again.

Nowadays it’s worse. Everyone wants something fresh.. whenever they want it. No one takes the time to understand how things are actually supposed to work. They just want to satisfy their selfish selves. Gone are the old values of simplicity, contentment, perseverance with the old.

Some of us are profiting off it. Supply to meet the demand. If you don’t make me happy, I’ll simply find it somewhere else. Everything is elaborated, dramatized, seeking attention to meet the irrepressible hunger for something fresher all the time.