Sorry at running out on you guys last time. If you didn’t already know, you should know that I am an expert on that. There was so much to be said, yet couldn’t find the right moment to put it down. In the end.. lazy la.. a little discouraged by how things were incomplete =.=

pix from pizdaus

I don’t know who’d come here and read this. A big thanks to the ppl who bothered about this space*perasan* >< I guess I will try updating a lil for you all.

The truth is, I came back to rant 😛

I’ve got Fountains of Wayne’s Stink To The Bottom playing in my head. Furiously.

I want to sink to the bottom with you..

Everyone’s talking about themselves. They don’t even bother about what I am saying, no less what I am really thinking/feeling.

I want to sink to the bottom with you..

I can’t stop losing, and my heart can’t stop aching from that. It keeps running in my head.. WHY? What happened? Was any of it my fault? What could have I done better?

The ocean is big and blue..

I also feel so lazy.. feeling sick of some things I can’t change. Things which (again) have gone wrong at the wrong time =.= ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

I just want to sink to the bottom with you..

Ahhh! It’s late again!! Hope I don’t fall asleep at KT tomorrow. SHY!

I just wanna!!


Out on the highway

Up in the air

Everyone else

Is going somewhere

But I’m going nowhere

Getting there too

I might as well

Just sink down with you

ti ti ti ti …