More pix from pizdaus šŸ˜€ JLaw just makes me keep going back to that site for more! Revisit another site with classic pics at

I guess have been playing too much KOTOR. So much so that some ppl even called me Chewbacca – another WTH (wa tan hor) moment -_-

Yeah I got it after I gave up on the its sequel. It was too buggy and can be frustrating to play at times. Oh well, I am happy now šŸ™‚

Winterbells – another pretty fun flash game from JLaw

Survey: 62% lead exciting sex lives (The Star) – Malaysia, world leader in ..

Gay football World Cup kicks off (BBC) – red card for shirt pulling..? or..

Football Manager 2008 Announced – “Can you feel it?”, Blinque

I am feel the buzzz….

Rachel sent me this interesting The Bird and The Bee album. It’s pretty good .. I really don’t know what category of music that goes under though..

Uncle brought us to Bandar Puteri for bak kut teh yesterday. It has been a long time since I had that. Delicious!

Lucky I didn’t have mid autumn festival dinner in the same day. My family had our dinner the day before. Saved a lot of trouble. Golden Roast duck/pork never disappoints.

We had too many mooncakes this year. Too many ppl exchanged mooncakes with us. I am a little sick of them. That’s a good thing.. so no complaints.

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