I spent a lot of time watching anime last week. The sub for Bleach’s 2nd movie Memories of Nobody is finally released. Being a fan of the anime series, I noticed that this movie is pretty different from the anime series. It was weird for me but still worth a watch.

That’s the full MTV for the newly released single version of Chatmonchy’s Daidai. It is the current ending theme for Bleach, and I think the song is awesome. You can watch the Bleach animated theme here.

More on Bleach songs.. Jason once said Yui’s songs were good, and I just came to download Yui’s Can’t Buy My Love album. It is excellent and I feel like such a sucker for JRock.

I also caught up to episode #91 of One Piece. That’s when the Drum Kingdom saga is completed and the cute Tony Tony Chopper joins the crew. On to Arabasta!

Still a lot of catching up to do.. the current episode is #325.

I got started on another anime series called Claymore. After watching 3 episodes of the anime, I wasn’t really impressed by it. It reminded me too much of Blood+.

However Silverwind said it was good.. and I trust his taste in anime. Most of the reviews across the net also say it’s good, and the story will only start to pick up after the 5th episode. We shall see..