Work hasn’t been fun lately. I had to work on National Day with lousy compensation. Now I have to wake up early and spend 12 hours in office everyday for these 3 days because of training. I doubt I’ll do that šŸ˜‰

Training today was challenging. The most challenging part was fighting off the waves of sleepiness šŸ˜› That’s because I was mostly fighting off Sith Stealth Assasins last night. Enter : Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lord aka KOTOR2.

Blame Pat.

This game is a RPG (role playing game) and was made as a sequel to the multiple award winning 2004 game of the year KOTOR. The first game was made by Bioware, the same dudes who made the my fav RPG of all time Baldur’s Gate 2. I wanted to play that at first but couldn’t find the game in Summit. I guess I have to download it then.

Pat kindly lent me KOTOR2 first. However this game is made by Obsidian and is not of the same quality as the first. But it is still extremely fun to play despite the many game crashes and time just flies by on the computer.

The best part is we get to choose our character alignments. I quote Pat: “They have the light side for ppl like me and the dark side for assholes like you.


Someone gave me this.. 20070825 Sloggi Beach Party šŸ˜Æ

Made in Malaysia Terorist – (18PL) Some ppl REALLY have nothing better to do. Poor namewee.

How to Learn More and Study Less – Pretty good tips for you kids