Something is missing. The day feels.. incomplete. Mundane. Perhaps it’s time to reaccess the situation.

Listening to .. Jars Of Clay’s Good Monsters. It has been laying around in my PC for some time and I finally got myself to check it out. Great music.

A monster fwd-ed me an email which uses rather spiteful means to “encourage” us to vote against the majority. It brings out ill feelings amongst the minority, making us seek “justice” against the offending majority.

The person who came out with that email should be punished. We shouldn’t sink to the level of the majority, using such devious means to inspire hatred amongst fellow countrymen.

Well at least the email has a point. Fulfill your responsibility and vote. Don’t entrust our countries to the PMR/SPM dropouts. You can get more info easily here via

Oh well.. in the end we know majority wins. That’s the weakness of democracy.

Namewee is back as you can see from the video above.. and he is releasing an album real soon!! 😀 I don’t know what you make of him but he is my hero. He really knows how to stick it to them.

IMHO, he is just poking fun at rather controversial topics and since elections are coming along, ppl are trying to crucify him for his little misdemeanor. They should be looking at more important things, like the “Islamic State” issue.

I can’t believe I totally missed this year’s jazz fest. I didn’t hear any word of it at all until it’s too late. Oh well.. there’s always next time.

Markie made me LOL while eating =.=

Painful hide-and-seek

JW made me LOL again.

Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina answers a question