Here’s more from that sexist book 😛

Pop quiz. Examine the below 2 sets of values. Which one best
characterizes Jesus and His true followers?

Left Set
Competence, Power, Efficiency, Achievement, Skills, Proving oneself,
Results, Accomplishment, Objects, Technology, Goal oriented, Self-
sufficiency, Success, Competition

Right Set
Love, Communication, Beauty, Relationships, Support, Help,
Nurturing, Feelings, Sharing, Relating, Harmony, Community, Personal

Over the years I have shown this chart to hundreds of people : men
and women, Christians and non-Christians. More than 95% of the time,
people choose the Right Set as the best representation of true
Christian values. You probably did too.

I culled these lists from best seller Men Are from Mars, Women Are
from Venus. Left Side – Mars. Right Side – Venus. What’s clear from
this exercise is that most people think of Christ and His followers,
they think of feminine values. Thus, true disciples of Jesus should
adopt values that are commonly found in women while reject most
often found in men.

Dr Woody Davis of TeaMinistries studied this issue more formally.
Davis conducted a series of focus groups to identify the primary
themes of Christian faith. The 10 most mentioned responses all came
from American culture’s feminine set, including such themes as
support, nurture, humility and dependence. There’s widespread
agreement among religious and irreligous that to be a christian is
to embrace feminine values.

Tell me, when did feminine gifts become synonymous with christian
goodness? Early christians were known for risk taking, power,
aggression and heroic sacrifice. But somewhere in church history,
somebody monkeyed with the definition of christian ! Today, a good
christian is known mostly for meekness, sensitivity, passivity and
sweetness. The standard of christian behaviour is very tough on men
while its easier for women to achieve.

We wonder why men hate going to church.

Church : Isn’t it a men’s club?
============ ========= ========= ==
For years experts have told us the church is a men’s club. Feminists
condemn the church as hierarchiha; and male dominated. Reformers
complain the languaege of the bible and hymns is sexists and
excludes women. Liberals accuse certain churches of oppressing women
by refusing to allow them to become pastors or elders. The media
have a field day anytime the word submission is uttered by a church

Perhaps you heard of the story of the blind men who tried to
describe an elephant. Each man based his description on the part he
happened to touch. In the same way, the church can be seen as either
male or female dominated. But if you look at lay leadership, lay
participation and ideal christian values, christianity is female
dominated. The church is a peculiar organization led by males, but
dominated by women and their values. Dr Leon Podles says it
well “Modern churches are women’s clubs with a few male officers”.

One day my wife baked a chocolate cake and set it on the counter
with a note next to it “Dig in !”. So I quickly grabbed a knife and
cut into rich brown frosting. To my surprise, I found a white cake
lurking beneath. The church is like that cake. It looks male
dominated on the surface, but inside its feminine in every way. Men
like Greg and Cliff plunged their knifes into the cake, found no
chocolate and withdrew.

To be truly healthy a church must be a marble cake. You know, white
and chocolate mixed throughout the batter. Every church needs a
generous helping of both the feminine spirit and masculine spirit. A
masculine concern for quality, effectiveness and achieveness
pervades everything they do. Yet they are supportive, nurturing and
tender with people.

The Feminine spirit and the Masculine spirit
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What do I mean by feminine spirit and masculine spirit? Here’s an
eg : the world of sports is steeped in the masculine spirit. The
core values of sports are competition, achievement and victory. On
the other hand, elementary education is steeped in the feminine
spirit. Its core values are harmony, cooperation and nurture.

The feminine spirit is a wonderful thing. A healthy church has to
have it. But most churches tody are out of balance, brimming with
the feminine spirit while short on the masculine spirit. Men sense
this and withdraw.

When the masculine spirit shows up in church, christians and non-
christians roundly condemn it. People who speak the truth too boldly
are stifled because they might hurt someone’s feelings. Leaderswho
make bold moves are accused of being power hungry.

Again to be absolutely clear – masculine spirit does not mean male
domination. Nor it is an angry finger pointing, pulpit pounding
christianity. No, there is life-giving side to masculine spirit that
is missing in church today. Congregations need masculine strength,
nobility and resolve. The answer is not triumph of masculine spirit
over feminine. A church must have both. A shortage of one or the
other leads to abuse.

(To be continued ..)

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