I really enjoyed myself today. Had a really super day. Went for yong tau fu brunch in Uptown with YueMing. He then bought me to the Racquet Shop in that area to look at some badminton rackets.

They were having a sale there and the best deals were the Gosen rackets which were at 40% off. The shop sells more of tennis and squash rackets though, if you are interested to buy some you can go there and talk to the nice Iranian owner.

I discussed the sale with Choong during the week and he pointed me to this awesome shoppingNsales site. You can find the latest news on all sorts of bargains in Malaysia πŸ˜€ Clothes, shoes, household items, everything is there!! I find the warehouse sales section particularly useful. They also have a blog.

Through it I found out that Shell is distributing free Coke tomorrow (Sunday) !! However you do need a coupon which you can easily get from today’s Star. Hope you don’t read this too late!

We then went for a cuppa in Centerpoint BU. I find Centerpoint parking lots system very cool and best of all it is free! Sorry, jakun πŸ˜› However the lots are extremely narrow and I had to get out of the car while he parked his car.

Tong is right, guys only really talk or rather.. discuss.. about girls or money. In this case it’s all about money πŸ˜‰

Made a long awaited return home, err.. I mean to Rio for a game of futsal as Eminem (no racism intended). To my disappointment, the hosts were having a friendly with another team. I only had maybe a good 20 minutes of action, which was good.

I then went to the SS18 field for captainball with the church youth to complete my workout. Again, I was disappointed to find no one there.

Determined not to let the evening without releasing my pent up energy (and fats), I went to the USJ 2 football field. I had a great time playing with who I used to call the “adults” when I was a kid. Haven’t played in a big field for a long time and I really ran until I was damn bloody PUAS. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

I managed to catch the Liverpool game right after that which was a good win πŸ˜€ Okok! I know all football posts go to flyingkick ><

The best part of the day…. is still lepak-ing in front of the PC relaxing after a tiring day with my music and reading and chatting. Ahhhhh…

I did go out to catch a bit of the Chelsea (booo!) game afterwards. It wasn’t a single bit as bad as I thought…. :mrgreen: