Andy Blitz … Visit to Indian Call center – you’d appreciate it if you are in the IT industry 😀

Just came back from the annual Axon Games’ pool and foosball mini tournament. Don’t worry, I didn’t embarrass myself there. I am nothing short of disastrous at those 2 games and I know my limitations.

Rachel and Vinod has got me into the Devils team. I heard they are having futsal soon for Axon Games. I am looking forward to it 😉

The Ipoh Old Town restaurant in Citrus Park serves pretty good food. For those of you from Ipoh, maybe you can check it out and see how authentic the food is. Note that the shop is not to be confused with its illustrious Kopitiam namesake.

The bad news is the auntie in the shop told me they are moving to Hartamas come end of the month. However, they also have a branch in Taman Desa.. and from the website it seems they also have a branch in Bangsar.. but Jolcy said that shop is so-so only. Up to you to judge.

Visited Mama’s Kitchen last night. That’s the famous lou shi fun place in TTDI. Well it was not bad, but we expected better. We mainly had their recommended lou shi fun, stir fried roast pork with wan tan mee, and yong tau fu.

I like the stir fried roast pork best. Wonder how it compares with the one in Jalan Pudu? We will just have to eat more to find out 😛