I think this book is really interesting. It’s a book to address the problem of men in the US who find church less appealing over time. Thus it doesn’t necessarily apply for every church or male out there.

Nevertheless, I feel the book draws out many truths to why we guys find church or church based activities a bit of a drag sometimes. It is very much a practical book, rather than spiritual. If you have time, you can read the first chapter of the book here at CBN.com. I found that I can relate to certain parts of it.

You can also go to the book’s official site here at ChurchForMen.com. I found the author’s testimony very interesting, you can read it at the men’s section. You can also find many interesting facts there, such as :

  • As many as 90 percent of the boys who are being raised in church will abandon it by their 20th birthday. Many of these boys will never return.
  • More than 90 percent of American men believe in God, and five out of six call themselves Christians. But only two out of six attend church on a given Sunday. The average man accepts the reality of Jesus Christ, but fails to see any value in going to church.

Haha! There’s even a part on .. “Learn how to pray with a man without totally freaking him out”