I’ve been super busy the whole day.. surfing on shirts πŸ˜› It’s not something I do often.. but I must admit I am pretty hooked this time.

The new Liverpool away kits look good. The black one looks very KnightRider-ish to me and the red line can be irritating to some.

I think the white away kit looks better. It gives a futuristic feel but it makes me think of those maskman/ flashman/ power rangers suits. Which do you think?

Oh yeah, I failed to mention I had a dream last night which woke me up at 8 which is relatively early to me πŸ™‚ and kept me up until now. I was shopping with my mom and she was going to buy me a shirt. I looked under the Liverpool jerseys section and found a (rather ugly) retro jersey with Carra’s name on the back.

That was when I woke up and scoured the net for all the Liverpool merchandise I could find. Here are some of my best picks.

This is the heritage tee, aimed to give a very retro look. FYI, the Barca jersey I bought was not fake. It was a heritage kit too. I hope the same price applies to the Liverpool tee.. then I can get it πŸ˜€

Adidas also reprinted a few classic kits. Below is my favourite of them all, the 1970’s home kit: simple and elegant.

I saw this 89′-91′ home kit reprint in the Adidas shop at the Curve that day. I would buy it if it doesn’t look that ugly πŸ˜›

I saw a few other tees which look very good but I don’t think they represent value for money. There’s the ‘usual’ Gerrard one, but I like the ‘El Nino’ / Torres ones better. They come in different colours, all of which look good to me.

This jacket doesn’t look too bad eh?

Ok realistically I would only buy the heritage tee. That’s cos of the crazy prices of these official merchandise.

There’s also eBay.. though the stuff there are mostly fake. However some of the high quality ones are pretty worth buying considering how expensive the originals are. This Torres tee doesn’t officially exist, but it is seriously tempting me ..

Meanwhile I am continuing my search for my size of the original Liverpool 04/06 Home kit.. sigh.. 😦