Badminton – Choong said that it’s like Soccernet for badminton. I think it’s better. It doesn’t have the latest news, but the equipment reviews and badminton technique tutorials are top class. The forums are pretty informative as well with serious players contributing from all over the world. Worth a click! πŸ˜‰

I resisted buying a new racket. The ancient Prince racket RishiRich blessed me with has served me faithfully all these years. It obviously does not perform as well as the high end rackets on the market, but I think it’s good enough for me. Besides, it’s good training πŸ™‚

I will be going for the finals of the World Badminton Championships this Sunday. Will have to resist buying a racket there again. Haven’t been to a badminton event before. I think it’s gonna be fun!

Badminton Tips on improving your game (best served with a pinch of salt) – Badminton is…Β  80% Looks (As in style and technique) 10% Racket and 10% Strength. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, it’s how you look playing the game -_-

I think I might have got my mojo back. It’s all about using the mantra. There’s also the hidden Gear 2 and 3. I guess it’s all in our head. The problem is doing it often enough to ingrain it into my brain.

Geli, my tong sui partner has left for Brunei 😦 But I heard she’ll be back for Christmas. The tong sui at TMC will be waiting. On the other hand, Tong is back from China until the weekend..

Stupid came out with this on the way back from dinner yesterday :

What happens when you hit the durian store at the side of the road?

durian runtuh =.=

Quote of the day :

Never pick a fight with an ugly person… They have got nothing to lose.