I was looking forward to catching the Simpsons Movie after hearing a lot about how good it was.. and it was good! More than triple the length of its usual witty stuff really gave everyone a good laugh. It was worth the ticket money but it wasn’t anything that special.

Afterall, Homer did say, “I can’t believe we’re paying to watch something we could see on TV for free!”. Here are more quotes from the movie.

It also used some rather unorthodoxed marketing tactics which caused quite a stir:
Giant Homer Simpson Freaks Out English Countryside

Had a little trouble sleeping last night. So I caught Goal 2: Living the Dream .. another product of the pirate king πŸ˜€

There are parts of the movie which ppl who know football will only get.. and parts which ppl who don’t know football will only enjoy. Maybe that’s what made it the disaster of a movie it was. It didn’t even reach our shores.. and ppl didn’t even know it was released in the UK early this year.

Despite being lame, I liked it.. not for the football bit, but the (over dramatic) storyline simply drew far too many parallels with my personal life. I felt like I can relate to someone for once.

I hope I can cope with having so much on my plate.

Btw, the football season has begun ❗ πŸ˜‰