I think I just fulfilled my anime quota for the week. Just finished watching the Whiskey Peak arc in One Piece. This is part of the brilliant Baroque Works saga which greatly thrilled me in the manga. The lovely Vivi and mysterious Robin are introduced in this arc 😯

Yes I started reading the manga when I joined JSPC. Somehow I could map the characters in One Piece to my J colleagues at work! I didn’t know many others back then, so please excuse me if you feel you should be in this list.

Based on their weaknesses, I present to you the Straw Hat JSPCians!

First up we have Sanji who’s got a taste for food and is plain “hamsap“. That’s Jack.

Then we have Usopp who talks a lot. Sort of like Jared..

Next up is Nami who only has only one thing on her mind – cold, hard cash. Joanne springs to mind..

Well Zoro is always sleeping and/or lost. No prizes for guessing Jason C.

Finally Luffy who eats until he gets puffed up like a balloon! Who is this? Jalvinloh!!

* do remember that this list is compiled based on the baka-ness of the characters. Don’t crucify me if you are not happy πŸ˜›

I am at the 3rd ending theme of the series now and shall leave you with this fun song from this super-fun series!

Sigh.. the things I do when I can’t sleep