Played badminton yesterday with the usual bunch. I haven’t played proper badminton for too long! It’s bad enough to be playing badly and costing the team. It’s worse when I know I can do so much better. Sorry Mr Goh!

I cramped at a tricep for the first time in my life. Still can’t move it properly now. I feel like an old man!

I thought I was getting better at work after removing the whole 50% discount thing due to my noobness. Then came today.

I am getting a little pissed with German.. the language. What good are names and descriptions in German? They don’t help me! *rant* *rant*

My colleagues always have to help me slog through the whole thing. I am just too n00b šŸ˜„

I want to blog about some food, but it feels lame with no pics to back them up. Oh well, I’ll just steal some pics from some site and leave the rest to your imagination šŸ˜†

That lou shi fun place at Serdang serves some other funky food apart from their super-yummy pork ribs in aluminium foil.

There’s ..

butter chicken wings – picture butter prawns, but with juicy tender chicken wings in place of prawns

mantis prawns with dried chilli – have to dig for those little treasures in the whole load of dried chilli

taufu with prawns – it’s more like loads of prawns with a bit of taufu.. mmmm..

You know what makes the food from this place so good? It’s the amount of lard they use. Yeah baby!!

If you are a Hotlink (Maxis prepaid) user, don’t get conned by the 1/2 sen SMS promotion. RM2 for 400 SMS it says. It fails to mention that the 400 SMS is only valid for 1 day. I am beginning to lose faith in Maxis.

The Merseybeat forums are back to give us live coverage of every Liverpool match.. and tonnes of other football videos šŸ˜€

Lifted – short Pixar clip .. with their usual witty stuff. Tq Jase.

The Noodle Shop pointed me to this funny Torn vid. Natalie is a good sport as always šŸ˜‰