I finally got to eat at the Serdang lat thong/fa thiu kai place today. Can’t believe they went without me the last time! Somemore got pictures for me to see.. too much!

I know I posted this only a while ago.. but.. I felt that didn’t really do justice to that place. This is certainly a case of my friends making me fat 😛 I should be going to Just Heavenly Pleasures this Sunday (tomorrow). Here are links to some fabulous pics and reviews so you know what you are missing!

It’s ok.. I don’t think I mind going there again 🙂

Christian? Single? Looking? Haha! Guess what I found – Rendezvous

If you understand Cantonese, enjoy this Transformers spoof.. it can be pretty funny..

Baby Ally Whatever – vid from Jo.. very cute!

I can’t believe she thought I was that young. She even said she could be old enough to be my mother. Even exaggeration has its limits!

Many are also surprised by the fact that I am the oldest in my family. I guess that’s due to my simple/easy-going outlook. Ah.. whatever! Malas.. hehe..

I have a bad blister on the little toe on my right foot and my left knee hurts every time I walk. It’s great to feel pain sometimes. I feel alive! Haha!

I enjoy playing football with.. or sometimes against my friends. Maybe not so much when losing.. It’s still great anyway.

Let me think of all the places I played football at. I used to cycle/walk all over USJ for a good game of football in the evening with my friends. Well I played football with many ppl in many places, these are just the main places I stayed to play.

It all started in USJ 2 in Form 3 after the World Cup ’98 when I really started to get serious with football. I’d play with Gerald in the hot sun at 3pm until it got dark. I also went under my sifu Das for “training” in FBC/ss18.

Then there was USJ3 also when there were ppl like Jon, Kenny, KengChuan, Aaron, WengFook, PG, Adam, WeiJiin, KengHeng, Valene and the lot. It was pretty dangerous playing beside that huge longkang where many memories / friendships were made.

I used to play with my seniors in USJ 6. They aren’t exactly a friendly bunch, but it was a good learning experience with a more physical style of football.

The I discovered USJ 5, where I played with and got to know Pat, JW, KH, Khiril, Jon/Adrian Lee and some juniors. They talked a lot of crap but the skill level there is higher than most. Got to know Pat at that time. Had to cycle/walk to his house everyday and wait almost forever for him to get ready! Until today I still don’t understand why he would always shower before playing.

Played with SayHeng and his friends in USJ 11. Knew him through KengHeng/WeiJiin. Didn’t really get along really well with SayHeng’s gang, but I got to know his cousin WeiShen there. Glad they are doing well now. It was fun playing in the rocky fields (and then basketball court) of which some older adults joined us.

Let’s not forget the legendary USJ4 where I played the most. We’ve been through a lot there and I’ll skip that cos there’s just too much that happened with us doing stupid things like stealing public property to make our goalposts, ponteng tuition to play, having our cendol, dealing with internal conflicts, and ppl like Saviola, Konda, our bullying seniors, irritating juniors, etc etc.. Such fun!!

I think Saturday morning football was still the best. That’s when most of my schoolmates play together when someone actually organizes it. We played in the big field at USJ2 or USJ4. I’d play football until 10am when I’d rush home and watch my cartoons (Samurai X)! I used to get a lot of stick for that T_T

Oh well.. good memories! Then there was futsal.. but that’s another long story. Oops! Too much!!