I hate it when I can’t sleep. I hate it even more when my body is so tired, but my mind is just too hyperactive to sleep. I used up around more than 4 packs of tissue today at work, I don’t know how I am gonna suffer tomorrow. Sigh..

My mind is running wild. It even came up with..

cheese naan mozarella
ella ella ella
eh eh eh
cheese naan mozarella
ella ella…


I know many ppl who are very irritated by that “Umbrella” song. That’s to them.. share my misery!!

I have been compiling a lot of old songs. The complicated part is separating the songs I really like from the songs everyone really likes. That’s not easy! I want a useful compilation, not some gigantic archive I’ll never touch ><

Listening to .. Garbage. I love Shirley Manson 🙂

Some things are just illogical, or rather logically not probable. Yet we might want it to be true so much so that our brain convinces itself that it’s true. That’s when the sucker punch comes 😥

On a separate note, there are some people/circumstances which will always make you a sucker. Somehow, it’s like destiny or something, that you will still go down that same old road and fall at the same place!

Now I can start to think of something which goes with “4 In The Morning” ..