Humility – the most beautiful word in the English language

This Just Heavenly Pleasures place looks very, very good. Let’s see who I can influence to go there with me… πŸ™„

Geri bought me some tong suibubur cha cha from somewhere in Bangsar near TMC. It was delicious! We are so gonna miss her ..

I think we had fun as a team at futsal tonight. I kinda feel sorry for the other team, especially the organizer. I am not too sure if we’ll be welcomed to play with them again next week! Oh well.. we had our fun πŸ‘Ώ

Speaking of futsal, there’s samba! I somehow got my hands on this absolute classic! I wanna change my nationality to Brazilian.. where there’s beaches, and football, and more beaches 8) u-la-la!

Featured Nerina Pallot here some time ago. She isn’t very famous but I like her songs. I think this video clip of her song “Sophia” is simply breathtaking..