I am neither a big fan of country music nor American Idol, but Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts album is very listenable. I like the song “Lessons Learned” in particular.

Some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were lessons learned..

LOL! I like this JeffOoi post on sub-standard sub-titles.
edit: I prefer guaisaujai’s post πŸ˜€

Watched the highly acclaimed Little Miss Sunshine on DVD last night. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Personally I find it very well done, the little performance/dance at the climax was hilarious!! For those who have watched it, you can watch its many spoofs on YouTube here!

Had a 3 hour lunch(!) in the Curve yesterday. We had Vietnamese noodles at Pho Hoa – the Health Conscious Choice. You can check out their menu here. It’s not bad but I think it’s too health conscious if you know what I mean. I prefer the yummy OUG Yan Kee beef noodles anytime, not to mention the ones from KL.

To satisfy ourselves and maintain our unhealthy diet, we proceeded for some Baskin Robins, tried the doughnuts from the reputed Big Apple Doughnut. Here’s a review by Eat First, Think Later. The pic is from there too πŸ˜›

The doughnuts are smaller than expected, but make up for it quality wise. They are soft and fluffy and I really like their flavours – not too sweet with a lot of flavour but that might not be some ppl’s cup of tea. My fav was the choconut – choc on outside and inside πŸ™‚

At the end of the day, I still prefer the chewy-chewy USJ2 50sen sugar doughnut.

Chicky the prodigal chicken came back. It has left us for a few months now, but somehow came back. Let’s slaughter the fattened calf! πŸ˜€

I gave a card along with my birthday present. But.. when the card was taken out of the envelope .. I couldn’t believe it .. It wrote :