Continued my old songs downloading spree.

Evanescence – Fallen

They aren’t the band they were since the departure of co-founder and songwriter Ben Moody in 2003. That means the music of this classic album will never be replicated. Such a waste! FYI, Ben went solo but didn’t quite make it big.

That guy is Sergio Mendez the bossa nova king. His songs with Brasil ’66 are absolute classics. Since I can’t dance, his songs just inspire me to play football – Brazilian style (konon) ! He recently made a more contemporary album but it’s more of a hip-hop collaboration thing.

Had to get the Chinese songs from kind souls since I don’t know how to get them.

S.H.E can be cheesy but they bring back memories. I find their wiki funny in a lame way, especially the lyrics and origins of name part.

Raided Jalan Pudu’s food on Thursday. Haven’t been there for sooo long. The food there is still as good as ever! We had :

  • chu chap chuk
  • fried carrot cake
  • asam laksa
  • grilled taufu, cuttlefish, prawn crackers

The next day.. Mr Yong brought the bunch of us for bak kut teh in Serdang! It’s well documented at tengteng’s blog. Using babelfish to read chinese blogs always makes me laugh!

good expensive! 好贵啊

good fat!好肥啊

Halogen pig’s front trotters – 卤猪手