I was just downloading some old songs and remembered someone I never really knew. I checked Friendster and.. Wow! How some ppl change!

Anyway here are 3 songs I enjoy. All 3 are from Weezer. Their songs are not big hits but I just love them. The songs and videos are all very “fai” (cantonese for crap/cacat/spastic) and they put me in a very relaxed mood. I dislike their newer songs. Sellouts.

Buddy Holly – featuring Happy Days!

Island in the Sun – featuring safari animals!

Keep Fishin’ – featuring the muppets! (best)

Saturday was fun. My parents made a rare visit to the PJ old town wet market and I had my classic Saturday breakfast – the chee cheong fun + soya bean combo. I used to have that fortnightly when I still had a maid and my parents had to go to the market.

I paid a visit to that area at night. Went to the food court/medan selera for dinner. We had the yong tau fu, tai chau and the best ais kacang in the world. I love old town food.  Splinter even paid us a visit.

After itching for so long, I finally got myself to go to the field to play some football. Then it rained =.= Major bummer. Better luck next time.