The middle lane is always the slowest. That’s because cars from both sides of the road will cut into your lane. However it’s the best lane if you are not sure where to go.. and also if you are not in that much of a hurry.

But everyone else just wants speed. You might feel a bit left behind since everyone else goes ahead of you. You try to fool yourself saying that your patience will be rewarded. But you know that it’s down to luck in the end.

Then comes the time you see the signboards. Those helpful little signboards. You gotta love them. So now you know where to go!

You drop your gear, press a bit more petrol and move in to the fast lane. Ahh.. going at that speed is so much fun. You can feel the adrenalin surge through your veins. It feels good overtaking all the losers on the left.

Speed = Risk. Everybody knows. Nobody cares. So just be careful, or you might just be too sure of your driving and make a mistake.

Mistakes = Accidents. Nobody likes accidents.. except for the buzzards.. who might just be responsible for an accident or two.

That’s why there is the law. You say “rules are meant to be broken”, that’s how your bones got broken. Yes the law is there to make sure fools like you do not try to be a hero like Bruce Willis.

Everyone loves heroes. But nobody wants to be one. Unless you are stupid of course. But then again we are all stupid. And heroes.

That’s why there are accidents.

ps: Go watch Die Hard 4.0 .. it’s like Homer on the loose. Thumbs up!