Remember that?? Classic!!

DBZ-Media.NL – I found this site to download all episodes of Dragonball.

Watching them brought me back to my Chung Hwa primary school in Brunei. I didn’t get to watch much of it back then. I have a little bit of catching up to do. After all these years, the series are still a very good watch 🙂

Asian Media Distro – also found this anime blog which share most of my anime tastes. Its plentiful resources will definitely keep me occupied in my spare time.

Btw, the latest Bleach filler episode of Captain Hitsugaya playing “soccer” was hilarious. But I still hate fillers ><

I am starting work at Axon tomorrow. Time for the little chick to fall off the cliff and fly. I just hope I don’t fall into my death. It has been worrying me for a bit, if I will crash and burn.

After staying in JSPC ODT (offshore development team) for so long, I think I got too comfortable there. Some of my edges may have been dulled. It has been really fun in the ODT, especially with the dudes there. I have also learned a lot from all the sifus there. However there is much, much more to be learned out there.

I have been waiting to go out for so long. Most of the ppl my batch have already gone out and it really took long to reach my turn. I have almost forgotten about this desire to go out.

So.. here I go to a new beginning! I love new beginnings. It’s like going to another class or form.

We went to eat duck rice at a certain Sun Ming restaurant in Taman Connaught on Friday. We were supposedly going for claypot chicken rice/porridge elsewhere in Cheras but the road was too crazily jammed.

Anyway the duck rice more than made up for it. I love the thin crispy duck skin and its succulent meat. They made it just perfect!! The 1/2 fat char siew and siew yuk are super yummy too! I MUST GO THERE AGAIN!

Other food I had recently worth a mention :

  • OUG pasar malam
    • yummy : salad popiah, fried fishball, boiled flavored fried fishball, fresh fried carrot cake, China dumplings
    • whats next : pandan chicken, tong sui
  • Delicious (Ms Read) – brownies, chocolicious sundae (!!!), the rest not so worth la
  • Marche Movenpick – pure expensive .. but the food is good and the excellent presentation justifies the price a little

Ok! Time to crash.

Edit : can’t sleep 😦 .. bedtime story