Jangan Togel .. Nike football’s latest marketing campaign and series of short films on Malaysian football. What does “Togel” mean? Check out the site to find out.

What shocked me is who’s in it. I saw a familiar jersey in the trailer and realized that the dudes I used to play with on Friday are in it.

The “superstar” in the movie is my namesake, Alvin aka “Alvinho” who is a good player with wonderful ball control and skills. He is a pretty decent bloke too. I think he is just around 18 this year. How nice, shooting to fame through a sure-hit Malaysian Nike thingy. The high profile life. Let’s hope all that fame will not get to Alvinho’s head.

I think I am a little envious of him and others like him. Listening to the “manager” Andrew Tan’s various football stories of ppl around my age in the Subang football circle also made me go green with envy and wishing I was part of something.

I was..

But it’s too late for me now. I couldn’t make anything out of opportunities I had. I didn’t click with the right people. Now I am working, old, and all washed up.. Haha! No la….

I think the dream is still up for grabs. But it wouldn’t mean anything alone.

I don’t know if I miss playing futsal on Friday, but I sure miss playing that standard of football. Most importantly playing that standard of football with my friends.

Now everything has changed. Everyone has changed. I guess now that we’ve grown older, each of us got what we wanted most from the beginning.. what I knew we wanted since we knew each other in secondary school. I don’t know if what we wanted was the best for ourselves or if we are happy with it in the end..

There’s no more Team Red Hot Sambal Belacan, or Team Dunlop, or Team Powerpuff Boys, or Team ALPHAQ.

I guess it’s just not as easy as “I just want to play football”.

But HEY! Not everyone has stopped. Some have come back from the dead. The good thing is I still play with some of them. That is one of the best parts of my week! I think that’s what football is all about to me.