Everyone’s brains are working so well on a Monday. I just feel so lazy….

Geri says (9:41 AM):
actually i din realise i ate so much until i got home…ahahaha
guess i was in happy mood and Kat Lee was in a hungry mode too…
haha just realised something
i sat btw 2 kats
and im year of the dog!!

sboen82 sboen: hey wed i bought u guys siew pao ok?
alvin: haha thanks!
alvin: trying to make us fat??
sboen82 sboen: YEAH
sboen82 sboen: so i can looks thinner
sboen82 sboen: this is a trick

William Yong: gal normally ok when u not yet wif them
William Yong: when 2gather
William Yong: most of them change
William Yong: lol

Caught the Transformers movie on Friday night thanks to tix by JW. It was a great action movie high on the cool factor. I think it’s a challenge to make an old show cool. The movie is very well done for a cartoon franchise and it more than met the high expectations surrounding the whole thing.

The blast into the past made me remember a lot more about the generation 1 Transformers. I have always liked the Decepticons more. Megatron is lame cos he transforms into a gun which someone else has to use (and misses). I like Starscream just because transforming into a jet is cool. Soundwave is also a cool character with all his cool mini Decepticons with various abilities popping out of his chest.

The most interesting one however, is Doubledealer who can transform into a ultra powerful missle carrier and can also transform into an Autobot or Decepticon! The master of deceit and manipulation.. I was very much into that sort of thing last time… which explains why I like the Decepticons better, besides the fact they transform into cooler vehicles/hardware.

Ah, that is the type of show which makes me love cars more. Knight Rider is also one of those shows just makes me want to own one of those old, classic, cool cars. They should make a Knight Rider movie..

I wish I had this shoe..

I was looking for a map that day and found this old gem.

I wish I had the semangat I lost long ago..

Transformers Generation One Personality Test
You are Hot Rod. You are an all around good person. You follow rules until they get on your nerves, then you throw out the rule book and start shooting. You tend to act first and that sometimes gets you into trouble, but you’ve got it under control. You have this incredible need to do what you think is right. When you find yourself in charge, you are rather uncomfortable, but you have the savvy to get the job done. Rock on with your hot-headed self.
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