The Death Note anime series has finally come to an end after 37 episodes 😦 It’s surely one of the best animes ever. I will definitely miss it. Here’s a tribute to the series. No spoilers here.. I think..

I like the first opening and ending themes. The songs and the music videos, their art.. is fantastic! Too bad I can’t/am too lazy to get one of my fav opening screenshots from the opening. These are all from the ending theme.

The main rivalry – Light and L

I like how the bring out the rivalry out artistically with the crimson/blue hair.

Here comes Amane Misa. Green hair! A worthwhile addition of another main character to spice things up.

L just keeps ’em guessing..

Three’s not a crowd.

A significant event happened which signals the end of the 1st arc.

Everybody loves Ryuuk. I gotta get me one of his plushies 😛

And so the 2nd arc begins with new characters joining the fray. Here are some of their pics from its lyrically explicit 2nd opening theme. The 2nd ending theme is not too bad but not good enough.

Misa-misa can be irritating at times, but who wouldn’t like her?

Nobody cares about this Mikami .. haha

And so it ends.. in chapter 37.. with the setting sun and all..

Sometimes when I am feeling frustrated on the road or with some ppl or something, I just feel like flicking out a Death Note and spell doom upon them. I am the creator of a new world…. muahahahaha! ><

Whoops! Like Morticia said : blog first, world domination later. Anyway that’s all. Now the search for another worthy anime begins.. already have a few shortlisted..