I got infected by Ah Teng’s love, bordering obsession, of the Pachelbel’s Canon aka Canon in D major. I like this electric guitar version by JerryC. I know it’s old but it’s still so darn good.

You know that Habbo ad on tv? Yeah Jack also got me to play that online social game. The only problem is his aim of playing that game is to wreck havoc in the hotel.

He is -thisissparta- and his “friends” will go around blocking different pathways so other players cannot go through. When ppl scold him and his lame excuses are all used up, he will shout “THIS IS SPARTAA!!!” His account has been banned many times =.=

BloodyDay – another fun flash shooting game.. from Jo

PowerFootball – William gave me this online flash version of Fifa/Winning11.. fun šŸ˜€

18SX: How to speak Hokkien [lesson 1] [lesson 2]. Links by Kenny.. a very good laugh.

Looking forward to the Simpson’s movie. I found this Best of Ralph Wiggum video ..

I watched the comedy Sideways last night; and then looked through some of my friends profiles in Friendster..

I think the movie + Friendster hit a spot.. which led me to ask myself ..

.. what the hell am I doing with my life?

Everyone has changed. I have changed. I am not so young anymore.. and everyone else seems to be doing something great with their lives. What am I doing with mine?

That also led my thoughts to.. what do I treasure most in friends?

I like friends who are not afraid of showing me their hand.. or what’s up their sleeves..

and ppl who respect me ..

and like to waste time with me :mrgreen: