I’ve already been tagged by the little monster, but some other GUY tagged me again (I think). I am bored now in office waiting for things to happen.. so might as well.. shiok sendiri !!

(1) One fine morning, when you woke up.. there is a 1 million ringgit cash next to you on your bed.. what will you do with the money?

Put some in bank earn interest la 😀 then can go travelling.. eating.. visiting friends.. and then back to work .. cos I love work.. right?

(2) If you are given a chance to date anyone you wish to date.. who would it be?

But I am already dating her? Haha! Crisis averted. Next..

(3) If someone who likes you but you only wish to stay as his/her friend ask you “Do I have a chance?”.. what would you answer?

Yes.. have to invest in more tickets.. then maybe you have a change to get that 17 million ..

(4) What is the most romantic thing that you have ever done?

duno.. that’s not for me to answer!! why all these questions cannot answer one?? !@#$

(5) For ladies: Are you more attracted to bad boys or good boys?
For males: If your other half is about to go for a plastic surgery, which part of the body do you wish that they would change?

If money is wasted like that, I’d like to change the brain!

Got that Transformer’s fan vid from shadowcaster‘s blog. Like he said, these ppl are really creative! Very cool video.

I can’t believe a couple of students really stole Homer Simpson from Cineleisure. I like Wing’s Rojaks writeup on it. Luckily I took a picture with the family first. It’s in my hp but I am lazy to post here cos its picture quality is pretty bad anyway.

I like this Darth Vader vid..