Chevy Autobot – Everyone is playing this online Transformers game!! It’s not too bad as an online game. I am just level 1. So if you’ve just joined, feel free to challenge me. IM me for my in-game email 😉

Lame SAP geek humour in Markie’s fav Chuck Norris styles :

I was tagged with some funny questions from a little monster.

1) What’s the weirdest or stupidest or craziest or LAMEest thing that u ever did?

I always do weird/stupid/crazy/lame things both unintentionally and for fun.. but I usually forget about them pretty quickly so it’s hard to think of one. Uh, one of the stupidest was trying to steal a pair of pants from Tesco when I was 14. Luckily the saleswoman who caught me let me go with a warning…

2) Fairy now allows u to change one part of ur body to become whatever u wish for..slimmer? longer? bigger??? Ehm…sounds wrong…anyway…which part and how you want it becomes?

I want one more stomach so I can store more food and higher metabolic rate so wont keep so much fat 😉

3)Ehm…ok…which part will you pay attention to the same sex when u 1st look at him/her??

Which part of the same sex.. err.. the face? Cos I always forget ppl’s face and names.. sigh..

4)OK…i really running out of questions here….With no law restricted…what u want to do the most at this moment?

It’s late and I have to work tomorrow ………. so I guess I want to sleeeeeeeep!

Lazy to tag/torture other ppl 😛