Do the D.A.N.C.E.
1 2 3 4 fight
Stick to the B.E.A.T.
Get ready to ignite
You were such a P.Y.T.
Catching all the lights
Just easy as A.B.C.
That’s how you make it right

P.Y.T. = Pretty Young Thing ..

That song is so stuck to my head! Its excellent music video caught my eye on MTV. Check it out. It has got to be one of the most interesting music videos made.

TengTeng linked me to this hilarious vid. You gotta love the Japs for coming out with all these good stuff.

She also brought me some cheese cake on Monday, and I just had Secret Recipe again the previous night with Blinque! 2 greedy ppl who were bored in the middle of the night and sick of playing Starcraft can’t resist the lure of cheeeeese cakes >< I need to watch my intake of food. En Taro Adun!

And the night before that I went for the CG dinner to Seri Kembangan for the chi pao kai (paper wrapped chicken) and other Chinese food. I like the yin yong pai kuat (marmite and salad pork ribs 😀 ). The jouney there was jammed so bad Daryl got motion sickness. The food was worth the journey though.. also visited Alex & Janny’s place to scare the babies.

I get restless very easily. It’s hard for me to be at the same spot for too long.. unless there’s a PC in front of me 😛 It’s even harder when there’s a better place to go, or something more interesting to do at that time. That’s why I liked planned/scheduled trips and some time to prepare myself for what’s coming..

Sometimes when you step up to take responsibility and leadership, and fail.. it can get very embarrassing and demoralizing. Especially when you’ve lost the respect of the ppl you try to lead. It’s not easy to get up and stand up again. You have to dig deep down and continue and try again knowing well that you could easily fail again.

The problem is finding the resolve to do it.. be it the resolve to prove others wrong, or that you could do much better than that, or just simply that you can do it. Surely there’s much more to it than that?