Spotlight : the Hamas takeover of the Gaza strip ..

Last night was pretty eventful. We had another Axon-JSPC merger meeting. Got to see the big shots this time and our future became a little bit clearer. We are still unsure if we are satisfied with conditions at the moment. I see a lot of.. er.. debate.. coming up in the next couple of months.

My alcoholic colleagues then had a gathering at jolcy’s house. Geek party! Yeah! Got to try a few more types of drinks. No I didn’t drink over my limit. Once bitton twice shy.. even if it was along time ago. Hehe 😛 Anyway it was fun to get to know those guys a bit more 😀

Caught this excellent music video at Cineleisure some time back. It’s Clocks by Rhythms del mundo feat Coldplay. It’s an excellent environmental awareness effort. I then got the whole Cuba recording by the Buena Vista Social Club. It features songs from artists like U2, Sting, Kaiser Chiefs and Maroon 5. What a superb blend of music!

We were wondering what movie was Sivaji – The Boss cos it was totally sold out on Friday night when even the new Fantastic 4 movie was still selling. It was actually an Indian movie.. which later met this eyebrow raising incident.