Don’t know how I’ve got a Bon Jovi song stuck in my head this morning.

I’ll be there for you..
these five words I swear to you..

GraceNg the Bon Jovi freak would have been proud. Wonder what she’s bringing back for us from sg? :mrgreen:

Office music of the week is Jason Mraz‘s Mr. A-Z I leeched off the pirate king. It’s not too bad. Lots and lots of words..

You know how clumsy in speech I can get. My choice of words can be quite.. wrong. That’s why I am afraid of that question. Any normal guy would be afraid of that question.. so imagine how terrified I can get. I have to tread extra carefully. Fortunately, I survived today.. Whew!

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I missed Indian food. I miss the rice and mutton curry. I miss the days in my ex-company where I had Indian food for lunch more than half of the time with my great lunch partners. Finally had some for lunch yesterday. It’s hard to go for Indian food in place surrounded with great Chinese food.

Speaking of Indian food.. Nigam gave me this BBC article on India’s IT marriage boom . Fellow geeks, go forth and get your Indian wives now! They can cook yummy food 😀 .. I think..