Suddenly felt like posting a bit on my trip to Melaka a few months ago.

You have to buy parking tickets for Saturdays and Sundays as well over there. I think I bought too many small tickets. Those are not all the parking tickets I bought. Didn’t plan to stay at the same place for long..

Apart from the parking, everything there is cheap. I haven’t paid 30 sen for a shuet cha (iced chinese tea) for a long time!

List of food tasted:

  • duck mee – delicious
  • jonker char siew fan (daytime) – so so only..
  • o-chian – A++! very cheap too
  • char kuey teow (with sweet sauce) – not bad.. unique, takes some getting used to
  • 88 cendol – must have 2! didn’t realize that this was the famous cendol shop when Erik and I visited the shop in our previous trip.

  • satay celup – first time eating (I think).. the shop we visited serves non-spicy sauce. very yummy!

food to eat in my nxt trip to Melaka..

  • roti john – didn’t have enough space to eat this in the previous trip
  • kapitol satay celup – now to try the one with the spicy sauce
  • char siew fan opposite kapitol – recommended by pirate king..instincts tell me to give Melaka char siew fan another try
  • shellfish in backsteets – heard a lot about this place.. sounds very dirty but interesting
  • seremban beef noodle – it’s on the way!

Now a couple of pics from our visit to the Masjid India (KL) area..

Nice Thai ads. A little old but it’s new for me!

  • yummy food advert – inspiration to keep fit
  • thai yellow pages – women..

I got some nice links/vids on the flyingkick blog..