Downloaded a load of albums. Currently listening to Lenny Kravitz‘s Greatest Hits. I am not a fan of his image, but his music is pretty good.

Visited for Ipoh White Coffee place in Sunway Mas for lunch today. Missed that place since I changed my job. Unlike the commercialized ones, it’s an authentic coffee shop which comes with its share of rude waitresses and great food 😀

Also checked out the Ayam Penyek RIA shop at Sunway recommended by Markie. It serves good Indonesian food, you’ll appreciate it even more if you like spicy food. Its specialty, the ayam penyek, was excellent. My only complaint is about the price. Prepare to fork out at least RM10 for a full meal.

Shrek The Third lived up to its predecessors with its usual witty humour. A good laugh is always welcome 🙂  Go team Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron!

We had some sort of farewell lunch on Friday organized by Wendy for Grace Ng (pictured below). We went to Fusion Haven in Sri Petaling. The food there is pretty good but it comes at a pretty steep price.

I decided to forgo the usual omelette rice..

.. and had this forgot-what style baked chicken rice.

Our table shared this Portugese style baked sausages.

William had this large serving of black pepper chicken chop. I want to try it next. The fried bread is very nice 🙂

Here’s a video some 38 ppl took.. Haha!