I’ve bought into the hype of Starcraft2 and started to play the first installment of Starcraft. I never really got the chance of really getting into the game when all my friends started to play it during Form 3 & 4. Missed out on a lot of fun with my friends. Oh well, I’ve downloaded it along with its expansion and I’m having quite a good time now 🙂

I’ve finished watching the Black Cat anime series. That was quick. The relationships between good guys, bad guys, and neutrals all play their part in making the series one of the best shonens of which I enjoy watching. The artwork and the artists’ obsession with cats made its unique world hard to forget.

Went for HY’s wedding dinner at Tropicana yesterday. Pics from Noel’s camera found here. We then had another farewell for Grace at Laundry in the Curve. Wrapped up the night with a drink at Dharoo’s to feed/kill the mosquitoes. Blue margarita is nice..

Noorina’s wedding is next. I like her wedding site (http://azhar-rina.weddingannouncer.com) !