Got a copy of All Saints‘ All Hits album. Made me feel like I am in secondary school again.

Whack Your Soulmate! – I like the shoes one (warning: extreme graphic violence)

LOLCODE – (geek) some nbtd ppl are trying to come out with a programming language inspired by icanhascheezburger ..

The USJ11 burger store’s burger has improved. Had it last night and it was awesome. The woman documented this morning’s quest for sausage mcmuffin pretty well. Then guess where we went for lunch? McD again! I am turning into a burger.

SzeTeng brought back some flavoured dried meat from HK. These small packs of dried meat are in original, satay, isoyaki, fruit juice (!), garlic and spicy flavours. They taste pretty good too.. except for the fruit juice one which was kinda weird..

I can’t believe I forgot all I’ve learned. It’s not about how you feel, it’s about how you play the game.. It’s time to do some revision.

Muppets anyone?