Checked the Mandy’s restaurant out last night, as recommended by the USJ-Subang Food Hunter. It’s next to Guardian, nearby Babyland on the LG floor of Summit. My family liked the food. The prices were pretty good too, especially the teriyaki grilled chicken rice. I don’t really like the owner though.. he was a little sour faced. But it wasn’t a problem as we all enjoyed the meal. Overall : pass.

Caught Next on Friday night. The ability to look 2 minutes in the future is very cool. Think of all the things you could do.. But I think they overdid that part a bit. It does not make you Superman. All in all it’s still a good watch and worth my RM10.

I am not someone who likes to be dominant in a team/group. I like to help everyone play their part individually. My strength is to help others perform better. When the group is not doing well, it can be tempting to take things by the scruff of the neck and push everyone over the finish line. But I think it’s against my nature to do that, not for the lack of a competitive spirit. At least everyone are involved and we can lose as a team.

THIS IS SPARTAAAAaaaaaaaaa !!!