Yes this is the time when I will surely blog : after a big match when I can’t sleep either from a painful defeat or a ecstatic victory. Unfortunately this time it’s the painful defeat. But it isn’t that painful, I am proud of the team and they tried their darnest..

It’s weird I don’t have much feelings for the big matches. Few ppl asked me why I wasn’t really moved by the Liverpool’s previous win 2 years ago. I guess it never sank in. It was too surreal. I think I can start my real life career as a football manager now. It’ll definitely pay better.

Watched the game with William. He is one funny joker and I love his wise cracks. LOL! I also had a healthy discussion with KY online. It’s nice to exchange opinions and banter with other ppl with an open mind. It was just a welcome relief from some ppl who always try to impress their opinions upon you and some who even act like they are always right. Sigh. No I am not referring to anyone who reads this.. I think.. Haha! 😛

Phosphor Beta 1 – 90% CS and 10% Quake combined in a super flash game! Warning : long loading time due to high level of detail. Network multiplayer mode available too. I am very impressed.