Am I pressing the panic button too fast? The worst part is I don’t even know if pressing it will do anything. No harm trying? Hopefully it won’t accelerate my doom instead.

Everything will be settled on that day. If all goes well, the panic button will give me sufficient leverage or a better path. The countdown to showdown begins.


On a separate note, I think I am giving in more and more of myself. Losing a little of myself every time. I have gotten sick of fighting the battle, especially when even each victory comes at a price. Who is right, or wrong? Will the enemy put what I gave to good use?

Watched the Heroes finale just hours after it was aired in Canada yesterday.. thanks to our friendly neighbourhood Pirate King again. Lol! I thought this episode would bring some closure to the whole series, which I thought was pretty draggy overall. Unfortunately even after the ending, it only poses more questions.. Season 2 is only in September. I hate draggy shows, yet I can’t help but watch them once I start ><

Yesterday we saw the return of Ghaly. After more than a year away from playing football, he finally found and put on his pair of shoes last night. He scored some goals too. Hurray! It’s nice when everyone has fun 🙂 Pat wasn’t there. He’s in UK for a whole 2 weeks! I can’t help but envy him, but I guess he earned that break after working hard offshore. I hope he gets the Liverpool jersey I want!

Speaking of footie, there’s more football tonight. I dedicate the whole of tomorrow to the Champions League final against Liverpool and AC Milan. I took a day off to celebrate if they win, or cry if they lose. There’s always Kokok tomorrow night for consolation 8)

The Starcraft 2 gameplay demo movie really wow-ed me. Check it out at the movies section. It made me feel like playing the original Starcraft and Brood War again. No wonder Andrew asked me for the CDs. I guess I won’t be able to play the new game until I get a new pc. Any sponsors?

USJ-Subang Food hunter – Hoh Jiak..! – I found this great food thread when searching for good Subang/USJ food. Check it out yourself!

Another locally made video on ScreamyX.. nothing new.. but still amuses some ppl..