Petaling Street Food Rampage! – ArmyAmy documented our recent forage into Petaling Street very well. Apart from those mentioned by her, my personal highlights include having the best tau-fu-fa, mini doughnuts, Chinese pastries at FungWong and visiting Masjid India for the first time. Fred the Frenchie was pretty cool to hang out with too. All in a great day of fun 🙂 Might just post some pics later. – many, many free e-books to read!

I feel fat. Had a belated Mother’s Day celebration at New Paris last night where I stuffed my face with more delicous food. At least captainball made me work hard for some good exercise. The game was played at a higher level when a few of DanielYeoh and Lok’s friends came over to visit. Sadly, many of the younger ones didn’t like the high level of competition (aka kiasu-ness) in the game and opted out to play frisbee instead. At least they had their fun before that.