Here’s some Palestine Mickey propaganda for you children ..

MindScape – Super Mario type flash game with a twist.. pretty good!

Mangarun –  A very simplistic manga collection with lots of titles to boot. I love it.

Dan the man, author at, is finally back with more great content. Got to a few interesting Liverpool blogs thru him. Added them to my links 🙂

Had a drink at the Kopitiam last night with some punks I haven’t seen for a long time. How fast they grow… I feel old T_T

It was a good thing I was well-prepared for Spiderman. I would have complained about how draggy it was, and how some parts didn’t make sense. After all, it’s just a comic book movie and shouldn’t expect too much of it. Anyway I enjoyed it and it’s definitely worth a watch.

Finally finished watching the 2 short seasons of Black Lagoon. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Now with the conclusion of this series, I will surely miss its very original fantasy world which is actually coupled with a tinge of reality. This series shows a lot of the dark side of humans. Definitely not one for the weak of heart.

Sometimes it sucks when you let a little bit more of yourself out, and get fired at instead.